DIY Chalk Paint Recipe & Makeovers

This past week I made over a shelf I had in our home that I was contemplating getting rid of and I’m so glad I didn’t! I redid with my own DIY chalk paint.

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I don’t know why painting this big black shelf didn’t occur to me much sooner cause this was not my first rodeo painting with chalk paint. I love using chalk paint because…

1. No sanding before! You can if you want but in most cases it’s not necessary.

2. It dries super fast! This means you can do more than one coat in a day so you can get a project done quickly.

3. Making your own is super inexpensive! If you have extra wall paint around all you need to buy is some plaster of paris. If you don’t want to make your own you can always buy a chalk paint too.

Keep scrolling to see my past chalk paint makeovers and my DIY chalk paint recipe!


Chalk Paint Recipe-

-1.5 cups latex paint

-1/3 cup plaster of paris dry mix

-1/3 cup water

First mix the water and plaster of paris very well separately making sure it’s blended well with no clumps. Then slowly add the plaster mixture to your paint, either in a separate container or if you have enough room in the paint can for easy storage. Mix the paint and plaster mixture very well! Then paint to your hearts content!

*Most projects I find one or two coats works great unless you’re painting something super dark then go for three. A little goes a long way. I recommend buying a high quality chalk paint brush, this makes it super easy to paint with and if you don’t have one use a large thick paint brush. After you are done painting seal your project with a finishing wax. I’ve used both a liquid cream and paste wax and both work great. I like the cream for larger projects and I like the paste for a more durable finish.

Here are supplies you may need to get you started on your next chalk paint project…

Chalk paint is one of my favorite ways to makeover all sorts of thing! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!