Essential Oil Accessories & Supplies Every Oiler Needs

Whether you’re an avid oiler or just started on your new oily lifestyle, having the right supplies and accessories will help you use your Young Living essential oils. When using your oils is easy you’ll find yourself using them more often and will get you look and feel your best! Here is list of my musts for every oiler!

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Jewelry – Essential oil jewelry is a wonderful way to keep your oils on you all day. Put a drop on the lava beads or felt pads to have a breath of the wonderful aroma of essential oils on you whenever you need it. These are great for stressful days, toxin free perfumes, or children that need help focusing on their task at hand.

Diffuser – Young Living hands down makes the best diffusers! They are medical grade so the strong therapeutic essential oils won’t break down the plastics like some cheaper diffusers do. My favorites are the Desert Mist, the Lantern, and the Aria. All of these diffusers are beautifully designed to fit in with your home decor. Both the Desert Mist and Lantern Diffusers have a beautiful candle flicker mode and can run up to 10 hours at a time so they are perfect for sleeping all night! These diffusers will create a perfect peaceful and soothing environment in any room in your home.

Desert Mist Diffuser Lantern Diffuser Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser

Shelves – I always say if you have your oils out where you can easily see and reach them then your more likely to use them. When you use your oils consistently everyday you see amazing results. The thin white picture shelves are what I use in my home. I like them because they are simple, go with any decor, and you can double or triple up lines of oil bottles for tons of storage.

Spray, Dropper, & Roller Bottles – When you get your Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit you get a sample of the awesome Thieves Household Cleaner, you will need a large spray bottle to mix the concentrated cleaner in right away and don’t wait the cleaner is one of the best products YL has! DIYing linen sprays, hair conditioning sprays, making face serums, and roller bottle recipes will also be in your future so stock up on these to make sure you can make what you want whenever you may need.

Carrier Oils – A carrier oil is a fatty oil that is used to dilute essential oils. It helps the essential oils absorb better into your skin and also helps your oils go further when using them on large areas of your body. You’ll use these as bases in creams and balms and you’ll add them to roller bottles and homemade serums. Some of the most common carrier oils are coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, and grapeseed. My favorite is a blend of many of these called V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex made by Young Living. It is a wonderful blend of 6 carrier oils that leave your skin feeling beautiful!

V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex

Drinking Accessories (Water bottles, Glasses, Stainless Steel Straws) – When adding you Vitality oils to water and drinks you will only want to use glass, stainless steel, or ceramic. Young Living’s Vitality oils are the ONLY oils recommended for ingestion because of their Seed to Seal standards, they have a whole Vitality line of oils that are labeled for ingesting, and are Non-GMO verified.

Wool Dryer Balls – Dryer sheets and fabric softener are used with so many chemicals and fragrances that make the one of the most toxic things in our house. Really think about it, do you want all that on your clothes then on skin all day long… right, I think not! Wool dryer balls are an easy switch to get those toxins out of your home. The larger the load the more dryer balls you will want, about 6-10 for a large load. Add a drop or two of essential oils to every ball before the drying cycle, Lemongrass is my favorite, to have a light refreshing CLEAN scent.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Epsom Salts – Epsom salts have been around forever and are  known to help soothe tired achy muscles and detoxing the body. Add drops of your essential oils to the salts (don’t forget a carrier oil to help the oils absorb into your body) to help pull out toxins and help relieve any discomforts your body may be dealing with. Oily Epsom Salt Bath Recipe– 1 cup Epsom salts, 1 tsp (or a couple squirts) V-6 carrier oil, 10 drops of Essential Oils- Thieves, Lavender, Peace & Calming are my favs. (If baths are not your thing cut the recipe in half and use as a foot soak to help detox your body.)

Thieves Essential Oil Blend Lavender Essential Oil Peace & Calming Essential Oil Blend

Sticker Labels for Essential Oil Bottles – These awesome little stickers make it easy to find a bottle from looking up above. They are also great when using several bottles at once and you don’t want to mix up the tops to the bottles.

Essential Oil Bottle Labels

Glass Storage Jars – These jars are great for DIYs such as dishwasher powder or tabs, Lime Vitality cooking salts, carpet powder, dry shampoo, etc. They are also pretty storage for your Epsom salts to have right next to your bath or use a large one to put your empty oil bottles waiting for re-usage purposes.

Essential Oil Travel Bag – You never know when you’ll need an oil especially when your out and about. Have your favorites all stored neatly in one spot and the little pockets hold your oils nicely so they’re not rolling around inside the case. My favorite essential oils for on the go are Peppermint to use for tummy discomfort, head tension, and a natural mid-day perk. Stress Away for that traffic that always seems to be on the road when I am. Valor for that extra boost of confidence and a toxic free perfume.

Reference Guides – Knowing what oils to use for certain things is something that can be learned over time but where do you find all that information? Enter the oil reference guide! It comes in a desk (larger, has more detailed info), quick (smaller but still has plenty of info), or even an app for your phone (quick on-the-go guide). All these guides have so much wonderful information that you’ll feel even more comfortable using all your oils.


FUM Essential Oils Inhaler -The FUM is an awesome little tool and my newest obsession! It is basically a portable non-invasive diffuser, which brings the benefits of breathing in essential oils to anyone, anywhere. You add your essential oils to the cotton wick and breathe it the benefits of the oils with no smoke or no vape. My favorite oils to add to it are Thieves, Orange, or Stress Away depending on the need or feelings of the day.

FÜM PROMINENT-FÜM-breathe-essential oils-inhaler-personal-diffuser-pen-aromatherapy-saje-youngliving-doterra Thieves Essential Oil Blend Orange Essential Oil Stress Away Essential Oil Blend

Veggie Capsules – These are basically an empty little pill capsule that are an excellent way to get your daily dose of essential oils. Young Livings Plantcaps are all-natural and ideal for those with vegetarian, diabetic, or other restrictive, dietary needs. They are Non-GMO, 100% Natural, Great for Vegan diets, Preservative free, Gluten & Starch free, and Completely Biodegradable. My favorite way to use them is adding a couple drops of each Digize and Peppermint Vitality topped with V-6, for absorption, after I’ve had a large meal and have some tummy discomforts.

Clear Vegetable Capsules V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex DiGize Vitality Peppermint Vitality

There are so many wonderful products that you can use for your oily lifestyle! I hope I gave you plenty of ideas and things that will help you. Did I get them all? If not, let me know! I’m always down to learn about a new oily accessory!