DIY After Sun Cooling Spray

Ok so I really meant to have this DIY on the blog at the beginning of summer but life happens and you’re getting it now at the end of summer.  The thing is this DIY is used a lot in the summer but I have found that I use this after sun spray even after the summer months, curious how… keep reading.

During the summer the sun and the heat are in full force. After all the fun and the sun leaves your skin hot and dry we all need to cool off! Your first inclination is to go to the grocery store and grab a after sun spray or cream. Many of those contain harmful chemicals and fragrances even dyes that will irritate and damage the skin, that’s the opposite of what your skin is needing.

This after sun spray is a great natural way to help your skin using the power of essential oils. The lavender essential oils help soothe the skin while the peppermint cools it off. The aloe is also a great anti-inflammatory and it also moisturizes the skin. So when you forgot to apply that extra sunscreen and your skin isn’t happy with you spray away!

So now I’m to the point to tell you how you can use this spray when it’s not summer. All the wonderful ingredients in this spray are so great for your skin so why not use them for all the other times your skin needs that help. I keep a spray bottle in the kitchen cause when I get a burn from cooking the essential oils and aloe give me instant relief. It’s also great for bug bites, rashes, irritated skin, and also cooling off while playing sports or exercising.

Make a couple bottles for your kitchen, workout bag, and in that Dr. Mom tool box for all the other “fun’ things that may come up. I hope you all enjoy the natural benefits from this spray and if you are curious to learn more about essential oils CLICK HERE!



Buy it-

2oz spray bottle

100% Aloe Vera (find one w/o preservatives, thickeners, or dyes)

10 drops Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

5 drops Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil

Distilled water

Make it-

Get your spray bottle and add the essential oils, fill about 1/4 of the bottle with the aloe, and then slowly top with distilled water.

Use it-

Shake before use. Spray on irritated skin or whenever you need to cool off. Pro Tip: Store in the fridge for and even cooler cooling spray!