Your Essential Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Get the tequila, salt, lime essential oil… it’s about be to a fiesta!

I’m gonna share with you three of my favorite recipes that you can use on Cinco de Mayo and year-round. I love cooking Mexican food and I love essential oils, when combining the two you get amazing flavors!

*Disclaimer- I only promote Young Living’s Vitality Essential Oils for consuming. They are labeled safe to ingest, are Therapeutic-grade, and are non-GMO verified! Read why I only choose Young Living Essential Oils HERE.

First, I’m gonna show you the easiest guacamole, then a margarita that’s sure to make your taste buds happy, and last a lime salt that you can add to just about anything!

THE Easiest Guacamole

This guacamole will end up being your go-to because it is so quick, easy, and even better no one will know that it took you only minutes to make. No chopping required!


2 Large Avocados

1⁄4 cup Salsa (I prefer pico w/ this recipe)

2 tsp. Garlic Powder

1 tsp. Lime Juice

4-6 drops Young Living’s Lime Vitality Essential Oil

Salt & Cilantro (optional) to taste


Mash avocado with a fork in a bowl (no plastic bowls, the lime essential oil will eat away at the plastic). Then mix all other ingredients with avocado. Add extra of any of the above ingredients to your preferred taste. Eat with tortilla chip, veggies, or put on top your favorite Mexican dishes.

Alex’s Skinny Marg

This margarita recipe is my sister Alex’s, hence the name, that she is letting me share with all of you! We have a favorite Mexican restaurant in Parker, CO and they have a skinny margarita that we both love to order when we eat there. Alex has spent lots of drinking time and research into making what tastes, what we think, is exactly the same as the restaurants. It’s not only yummy but it has less sugar than a traditional margarita and trust me you will not know the difference. The Orange Vitality Essential Oil really make this recipe muy deliciosa!


2 oz. Tequila ( I prefer a silver or blanco)

1 oz Cointreau (optional)

.5 oz Agave (if not using the orange liqueur add a little more agave)

1 oz Lime Juice

1-2 drops Young Living’s Orange Vitality Essential Oil


Rim a glass with lime and then salt (see below for a lime salt recipe you can use). Add ice to a cocktail shaker, then all the ingredients, and shake till it’s good and mixed. Add ice to your glass. Pour the mixed ingredients from the cocktail shaker into your glass. Salud!

Lime Salt

Make your own lime salt with only a few ingredients that you can use for all sorts of recipes! This salt is so versatile you’ll find yourself adding it to just about everything! Here my favorite ways to use the lime salt: sprinkle on popcorn, add to homemade tortilla chips, use in guacamole, sprinkle on roasted veggies, add to chicken before grilling, use in marinades, margaritas, and salt for tequila shots!


1⁄2 cup fine sea salt (use coarse salt for margarita salt)

15-20 drops Young Living Lime Vitality Essential Oil

Zest of one lime


Add salt to an airtight container (no plastic containers, the lime essential oil will eat away at the plastic). Zest the lime. Add zest and Lime Essential Oil to the salt and to mix thoroughly. Enjoy on food and with beverages!

I hope you enjoy all these recipes as your friends and family come together on Cinco de Mayo and at many other fiestas!