Why You Should Be Doing Essentrics

Do you want your body feeling younger, more pain free, and looking better than it ever has?! I found a workout that helps me feel & look amazing, maintain a healthy weight, is something that fits into my lifestyle, and I even crave it! I never thought I would say that, haha. I wasn’t was the most fit or healthy person, read more about my health journey here.

This wonderful workout is Essentrics. I truly believe everyone should being doing this workout daily or incorporate it into their current fitness/active routine. Wondering why I say everyone should being doing Essentrics, here ya go…

Essentrics equally strengthens and lengths all 650 muscles and rebalances all 384 joints. Miranda Esmond-White the creator of Essentrics says in her book Forever Painless,  “No muscle group is developed more than others (when doing Essentrics daily). All muscles are trained to do equal work so that no imbalance injuries occur.”

It is a no impact workout. For all the people with joint issues or arthritis this is so helpful! Also, no weights! ‘You could spend hours doing isolated weight training and stretching and still not achieve the same well-balanced strength and flexibility that 20 minutes of full-body movements provide.”, Miranda explains in Forever Painless book.

Any age or fitness level can do it. Young or old your body will be so happy you do Essentrics on a regular basis. The wonderful thing about Essentrics is you only go as far as you can go and build from there. Miranda also states, “People at any fitness level- from those who’ve become completely sedentary to elite world-class athletes- have found tremendous pain-relief benefit from Essentrics.”

It combats our sedentary lifestyle. We all know that we need to move more but sometimes you’re at a loss of what to do. Essentrics makes it easy to move and strengthen your whole body in a short amount of time.

The full workouts are as short as 20-30 minutes. Take 25 minutes for yourself everyday to feel and look your best. That’s it! You’ll noticed the look and feel of your body without having to overexert yourself for hours on end.

It can facilitate the healing process after an injury. Essentrics meets all the basic criteria for an exercise to facilitate healing. Miranda states in her book Aging Backwards, “My program has been used to heal many common, chronic conditions such as back pain, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, frozen shoulder, and knee and hip pain. The right movements can increase the rate of healing as well as prevent many aches and pains in the first place.” Personally, I have seen this first hand with my own body. I use to have horrible back pain, hip pain, carpal tunnel, sciatic nerve pain, neck pain and plantar fasciitis. After doing Essentrics consistently I finally found relief, and every pain was gone! Aliments may pop back up from time to time but its something so minor that after an Essentrics workout I’m back to normal.

You can use it as a supplement to your current workout. In Miranda’s book Forever Painless she writes, “ Active people can continue to enjoy sports like skiing, golf, tennis, for as long as they like, pain-free. With these exercises, anyone can continue to safely participate in the activity of his or her choice- simply by maintaining a well-balanced body in 30 minutes a day.” For example, many runners love to add Essentrics along with their running routine. It unlocks and reverses the constant pounding effects that running can have on your body and even give you more strength and endurance while your running. On Essentrics TV (Essentrics’ online streaming service) you will even find a workout geared for especially runners!

The exercises are medicine for your body. Miranda states, “Unlike pharmaceuticals, my program has side effects that are actually beneficial and health promoting: lowered stress; increased energy, strength and endurance; improved mood; better sleep; and greater physical flexibility. Now, after teaching and hearing from thousands of pain-free students, I have become that much more convinced that the chronic pain that plagues millions worldwide is completely unnecessary. All we need to do is give the body what it needs; a short, gentle, daily workout of pleasurable lengthening and strengthening movements. That’s it!”

I am no doctor and I’m only telling you this because of the results I have had on my own. I see how the fitness industry is totally backward on how the body works. After doing the Essentrics workouts consistently for over 3 years and reading both of Miranda Esmond-White’s book, Aging Backwards & Forever Painless, I SEE and FEEL how my body should be! There is so much more information on Essentrics and I encourage you to check out the website and read Miranda’s book to learn even more. I totally believe that everyone should add these daily workouts into their lives. We’ll all start living more pain-free lives feeling younger, like we our body’s ought to. Let’s start a fitness revolution and take our body’s back with the help of Essentrics!